Yesterday Dewsbury Rams were able to announce that former club legend fullback Nathan Graham has been appointed as assistant to head coach Lee Greenwood.

The Scotland head coach has years of knowledge and experience in the game and is now looking to pass that on to the current crop of Dewsbury heroes.

On being appointed as assistant, Graham said: “I was looking to get back into week to week coaching and when I saw the advertisement it was a no brainer for me to apply.

“Obviously I have a great affinity with the club having spent the best part of ten years playing here.

“I’d heard some really good reports about Lee and I can’t wait to get started.”

One of the reasons Nathan was interested in the role was due to his past relationship with the club.

He commented: “Dewsbury Rams is where I made my debut and I have had some great times here. The set up of the place has changed massively for the better and the facilities for players are really great.

“The fans are very loyal and extrememly passionate about their club.”

Supporters still talk about the honours that Graham and his teammates in 2000 achieved. Fans have called Graham a true club legend.

On that note, he said: That’s very flattering but I also played with some very talented people who helped me out! The fans are what make a club and The Rams are no different. Players and coaches come and go but fans remain tbrough thick and thin.

“I’m proud to have been a Rams player and thankful for the fans support.”

Looking ahead to the newest crop of Dewsbury players. Graham is excited about the squad Lee Greenwood is putting together.

“I think a good squad of players isn’t necessarily the most talented. A squad that has the right discipline and the right work ethic usually make the best groups. I know Lee has worked hard to introduce and lead a good culture in the squad which has been backed up with some great senior players.

“I’m really looking forward to working with the lads and building some relationships. With Paul Sykes and Liam Finn we have two of the most experienced players in the game and I’m looking forward to being involved with them.

“There are also some younger lads who are making their names and hopefully I can be part of their learning.”

As well as working in Rugby League Nathan also works in the NHS as a operating department practitioner on the anaesthetic team. He has been helping to fight the battle against Covid-19.

On that he said: “It’s been tough and has thankfully eased off for the time being. Although it may be on the rise again!

“It’s been a bit like a rugby league squad in some respects with everyone pulling together in adversity and having each others backs when they are struggling.”

As well as coaching at the Rams and working in the NHS, Graham will still be involved on the international stage with Scotland. He’s hoping he can have a successful 2021 campaign with the squad.

“I have coached the Scotland student team for the last seven years. I’m proud of how we have progressed from wooden spooners to really challenging England for 1st place in the Four Nations. We went to Australia in 2017 for the World Cup and finished 3rd after Australia and the Pacific Nations which is something the players should be really proud of.

“I started coaching the 1st team last year with the World Cup qualifiers we managed to qualify for the tournament in 2021 by beating Serbia and Greece.

“We have started the difficult job of picking a capable squad for next year.”

Finally Graham spoke about the facilities at the Rams and how they have changed since his playing days.

The said: “The facilities at the Rams are really impressive. There can’t be many clubs at this level with everything you need on site, 3G pitch, gym and wrestle room.

“The 3G pitch is fantastic and makes training sessions so much more productive so the players can have some good preparation for games.

“It’s a good tight playing group and they will be confident in winning every game they play in.”