Dewsbury Rams recently released the information that halfback Liam Finn had signed a new deal at the club.

Finny who has played for the Rams previously returned to the club in 2019.

Playing alongside halfback Paul Sykes, both he and Finn are two of the most respected and experienced halfbacks in the sport.

Finn has played at the highest level of the game and has represented Ireland at international level.

On staying at the Rams Finn said: “I have stayed because I enjoyed being around this group a lot. I was enjoying it all before covid.”

One of the things Finn most enjoyed in 2020 was seeing the dedicated team effort being put in and so he still wants to be part of that.

Finn commented: “It is a hardworking group who try their hardest to look out for each other and try to play as a team.

“I was enjoying myself which is always a major factor in personal performance and enthusiasm to carry on.

“As mentioned before, all the group want to help each other and play together which is testament to everyone and Lee for putting the squad together.”

One major benefit to the team is that Finn can pass on his experience to any young player and this is something he enjoys watching, seeing young talent grow and flourish on the pitch.

He said: “It’s always good to play with young players.

“They help you as much as you can help them and are a valuable part of our team and squad.”

During Finn’s two stints at the club he has bonded with the fans. He had the following to say to the Rams faithful.

“To the fans I’d say we are looking forward to giving everyone’s week, including ours, a focal point and something to look forward to and hopefully we can give them performances to be proud of.”

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