Yesterday the club was able to announce that Michael Knowles had signed a new one year deal at the club. 

The 33 year old second rower has been at the Rams a number of seasons and he doesn’t see himself leaving the Tetley’s Stadium anytime soon. 

On staying at the club, he said: “I love being at the Rams, I have enjoyed playing my rugby again here and it is a great set up. 

“I am looking to get another couple of seasons here and hopefully finish my career with Dewsbury.” 

Knowles is one of the most experienced players not just at the club but in the whole division. He wants to kick on next year and have a successful 2021 at the club. 

He commented: “I want to kick on next year with where I left off this year, I was enjoying the game and playing well. I just want to play my part the best I can for the team.” 

After the curtailed 2020 season it has been a number of months since Knozza has put the boots on. He says he can’t wait to get back to training and playing.  

He said: “I can’t wait to get the boots back on and smell the grass again, we as a team need to look at how we started this year and start to believe we can mix it with the big spenders. Top half of the table should be at least our aim next year.” 

One thing that was evident from last season was the tight nit group that head coach Lee Greenwood had managed to build. Knowles was enjoying playing in that environment.  

“Greeny has put together a great squad and everyone just gets along.” He said. 

Continuing: “There’s no egos or nothing just lads wanting to play together and work for each other and for the club.” 

One thing that’s never been in doubt is the close relationship Knowles has with the club’s supporters and he wanted to give them this message. 

“The fans must be pulling their hair out just like us players…but it’s in their blood just the same as ours and nobody can help this situation. 

“However I hope the fans can help the club in any way they can and just be there to support the boys and club as they always do.”

Knowles Videi