Andy Gabriel was one of the first new signings made by Rams head coach Lee Greenwood ahead of the 2019 season.

The former Keighley winger overcame competition for places to cement his spot on the right flank during his debut campaign and continued from where he’d left off at the start of 2020.

Now established in the Red, Amber and Black, we spoke to Gabes to get an insight into what makes him tick on and off the pitch.

What’s your first memory of rugby? 

“It would have to be my first ever game for West Bowling, which was probably under 8s or under 9s. We won and I managed to bag myself a hat-trick.”

What do you remember about your senior debut?

“My first game at semi-pro level for Keighley happened to be in a friendly, away to Barrow. I was a bag of nerves before the game, but they went away as soon as we kicked off. I loved every minute.”

Have you always wanted to become a Rugby League player?

“No, not really, to be honest. I was always more into football while growing up, but then I went along to a training session with a mate from school to try rugby out and I never looked back.”

What’s your favourite career memory so far? 

“My favourite memory would have to be my first season at Keighley, scoring 20 tries and breaking the club record for consecutive matches scored in.”

Do you have an interest in any other sports?

“Football. I play a lot of five-a-side once the season’s finished and I’ve got more time on my hands.”

What kind of music do you like to listen to?

“90s R&B. It’s what I grew up listening to so it holds the best memories for me.”

What’s your favourite food?


…and your least favourite?

“Mushrooms. Disgusting!”

What hobbies do you have outside of sport?

“Cooking – and I play a bit of piano, believe it or not.”

What’s your favourite place to travel?

“We try to do one big holiday a year. My favourite place so far is either Mexico or Jamaica.”

Which Rams team-mate would you be happiest stuck on a desert island island with? 

“Oakesy. Will’s like a hyper active kid, so you’d never get bored.”

 …and which one item would you take with you?

“My piano. Who knows, with nothing else to do, I might actually get good at it!”