Dewsbury Rams head coach Lee Greenwood has spoken to the Rams website ahead of this weekend’s game.

On Widnes and playing on the Our League App he said: “We are looking forward to it and playing on the Our League App, apart from the Summer Bash and getting far in the Challenge Cup it’s the closest we get to a TV game. Make sure if you are a Dewsbury fan to follow us on the Our League App, the more followers we get the more funding we can get. I think most players who play at this level look forward to playing on there.

“It’s a game where we know we aren’t favourite’s but if we can perform like we have in the last two games we can make it a difficult test. They are a good side who have played in four games already and looked good in the majority of them, they might surprise a few people this year.

“Obviously we haven’t been able to get into our rythem yet, and it’s been quite disruptive with the postponments. You train all week around the game you are going to play in, if you knew you hadn’t got a fixture then you’d train differently. Obviously we have geared up to playing games, so you’d train hard at the beginging of the week and by the end of it you’d just look at sharpening those little bits up going into the match. We have had gaps in between the games we have had, whether that helps us or not we’ll have to see. However we will be ready for Sunday there is no doubt about that, and I think Widnes will be the same, they have looked good and so we’ll need to be just as good if not better to get a result against them.

“They look an athletic side and if you didn’t know you’d still think they were full time, they have some younger lads that have been part time players at other clubs. Widnes have been able to bring them in and it’s an attractive place to go to. They have played three of the four games on their 3G surface and so haven’t been affected that much bar a bit of wind. They have started their games fast and are able to move the ball about, they are a bit different to the teams we have played. Widnes like to move the ball about in their own half where as both Leigh and Halifax like to run it forward and be more direct. So that will challenge us a bit different to our previous two games and they are scoring points,

“It probably takes a third of the season to see where teams are at.

“We can only concentrate on ourselves, we are going in with confidence knowing we ran Leigh close and beat Halifax.”

On the injury and Dual-Reg front, Greenwood said: “No one is injured bar Jason Walton who is still recovering. Dom Speakman is suspended and was going to miss this one anyway.”

“On Saturday two of our lads are playing for Hull KR and on Sunday three of our lads will get game time at Coventry. We are happy with how the Dual-Reg agreement is going at the moment. Matty Gee has gone back to Hull KR where he played on Thursday. If they come here and really impress, help us up the table and then play for their parent side all well and good.”