Why does it always rain on me?

Is it because I lied when I was seventeen?

Poor old Dewsbury Rams. This season has had more cancellations than Northern Rail. Out of 5 scheduled fixtures so far, only 2 games haven’t been postponed due to the bad weather. They never mentioned this in Brexit! At this rate Dewsbury will still be completing their fixtures one month after the Grand Final.

It has been a bit wet ‘n’ windy. We’ve had so many storms that the Met Office is running out of alphabetically consecutive names. The groundsman at the Tetley Stadium is doing a sterling job keeping the pitch playable even though it does seem a tad unfortunate that our friends (and lodgers) the Bradford Bulls seemed to have bagged all the home games.

It’s not just Dewsbury who are having problems getting to play games. Local and junior sport fixtures have also been decimated. My youngest has even had an indoor cricket net session cancelled because there was too much ice in the car park (makes a change from flooding I suppose). His junior football team haven’t played in weeks. There were plans on the weekend of Storm Clarissa (Clara, Covonia…who knows?) to play on the all-weather 3G pitch at our beloved Tetley Stadium (available for hire by all sports teams and not just egg-chasers). Disappointingly on the morning of the game, and somewhat surprisingly as the wind seemed to have abated, the opposition coach called the match off because it was too windy, “I just can’t keep my balls still” (oo err missus…I think we need to reserve comments about that for more specialist places on the internet).

Well didn’t he know it was going to be a bit gusty? Even on the stillest of days it’s breezy at the Tetley Stadium. We’ve been playing at Owl Lane for the last 25 years or so and during this time there’s always been a bit of a sirocco blowing over from Emley Moor. Blimey, our Year 2000 Grand Final success was based on Richard Agar been able to launch a 40-20 from somewhere near Bywell Road and plonk it within 5 yards off the far touch line. Ah yes, happy days!

Anyway, I just wish this weather would get better. I bet those Widnes Vikings fans can’t wait to visit Dewsbury on a Sunday teatime in March to watch some summer rugby league. I suppose if the weather is particularly bad, those Vikings can at least travel by boat!

Enjoy your sport!

This article was written by Rams supporter Richard Summerscales. Comments made on this article do not represent the views of Dewsbury Rams RLFC.