The Annual General Meeting of the Amber Ribbon will take place on Friday the 28th February 2020 at 8pm in the Bailey Bar, Dewsbury Rams, Tetley’s Stadium, Owl Lane, Dewsbury, WF12 7RH.

The session will include:

Opening Remarks.


Presentation and adoption of annual report by Chairman.

Presentation and adoption of accounts by Treasurer.

Discussion and Voting on any Motions received.

Discussion and Voting on any further motions to amend the Constitution.

Closing Remarks.

Only Amber Ribbon Members are eligible to attend and participate in the meeting according to the Bye-Laws of the Organisation. No proxy attendance or voting will be allowed.

Any members wishing to be considered for a position on the committee should apply to the committee. There are three positions available, all applications will be considered as well as the re-election of three of the existing committee members.

Please note that any Motions you wish to be considered at the AGM or Motions to amend the Constitution should reach us no later than 14th February 2020.

Any such Motions should be sent to The Amber Ribbon, c/o the Dewsbury Rams, address as above.

The Amber Ribbon hope to see as many people attend the meeting as possible.