Dewsbury Rams centre Adam Ryder was ecstatic with the victory over Halifax on Tuesday night at the Shay Stadium.

Dewsbury ended up winning 16-18 on the night and Ryder played an integral part in the performance that the Rams put out.

On the win he said: “It was a good performance and I think we measured that performance against the one we put in last year. It was a similar time we played against Halifax last season here and we wanted to turn up and have a real good go but ended up playing poorly and getting beat 26-0.

“We’ve ended up coming back here this season in what are similar conditions at a similar time of year. However the difference this time is that we pulled off a win and played well. We have ground out an important victory for sure.

“That is the difference from this season to last, we thought we had that grit and determination but I think it was a bit superficial. We’d do it for ten minutes and then it would die off. We have dug in for each other tonight and we’ve got off the mark for the season with our first win.

“I don’t know when it was the last time Dewsbury came here and won but I know it is a few years ago. It’s a massive win for us that can kick us on now, It has shown us that we have that mental toughness as a team to go up against a good side in the Championship.

“We were a bit disappointed with the result against Leigh and thought we deserved better. However if you look at Leigh’s results since we can be sure we ran then quite close and now to back that performance up with a win is fantastic.”