Dewsbury Rams head coach Lee Greenwood is looking for his side to improve on the disappointing display given at the Shay Stadium last season.

Greenwood is interested to see how his side have developed over the last year going into this fixture.

Greenwood begins by talking about the postponed game last weekend against Swinton and if that has caused disruption going into this weekend, he said: “Things are looking just like they were going into the Swinton game. Halifax was also called off so we both ended up twiddling our thumbs last weekend.

“I don’t know if they were looking to go with the same team again and so it’s a funny one really.

“I suppose the disruption is when you get a postponement it’s then fitting in that fixture to an already packed schedule. There are certain dates you have to have certain things played by and then you are waiting on free weekends which don’t come up, so then you’re left with cup games. It’s similar to what’s happened before but we’ll get it in.

“The positives were we went up in the league without playing. However you don’t tend to look at the league standings so early on. There hasn’t been any shocks at the moment.”

Looking back at not just the Rams result against Leigh but the whole division. Greenwood believes the rest of the games and points are up for grabs.

He said: “I felt that scoreline against Leigh was harsh on us, look at what they did to Sheffield the week after. I look at all the other results and performances and I suggest Leigh are the best team at the moment and we’ve played them.

“I look at everyone else and I think everyone can beat eachother.”

Finally Greenwood spoke about the upcoming fixture against Halifax this weekend. He insists his team must be ready to play in yet possibly more bad conditions.

He commented: “Our challenge is to go to Halifax as underdogs and get a result and much improved performance on last year. I was hugely disappointed on last year’s showing. A similar time of year and conditions and it was a poor, soft performance. Halifax hadn’t started their season off well, so with everything I came away very disappointed.

“I can’t imagine it being a bowling green on Sunday with the rain. I want us to go there and really put a performance on and challenge them.

“We are still underdogs going into this weekend. So I’m more looking how we perform this year as to last year. It’s a similar time of year, similar conditions, same clubs, and a similar team we are facing as they don’t look too different. Yes a different coach but their style of play is near enough the same.

“If you look at the last few years, Halifax have prided themselves on their defence, being big and physical. So we’ll need to go there ready for a big test.”