Dewsbury Rams player Martyn Reilly is ready to take on the Swinton Lions and try to get the team’s first win.

Looking back at last Friday night’s opening weekend defeat to the Leigh Centurions 36-10 Reilly said: “The result didn’t I think reflect the performance if being honest. If it had been a 20-10 or 22-10 game that would have been more correct. They scored a few tries when the game had gone.

“For 60 minutes we played well and got in their heads which is what we wanted to do. In the last 20 minutes a number of things happened, they have got those full time players and it comes down to budgets, they can get that different class of player to help them run away with things. However for that first 60 minutes there is a lot for us to take out of it. If we play like that against mid-table teams and ones around us we will cause them some problems.

“I think there was a moment in that second half where we scared them. There is a lot to work on for me personally and us as a team but overall I think we can come out happy.

“We could sit here and pick every negative out of Friday but you also have to look at the huge positives and take that into this Sunday’s game.

“When we looked back and broke the video down we did have a lot of chances. If we had our time over again we would make more of them. However the fact we did look after the ball well, we did look dangerous was a big positive.”

On this Sunday’s game at Swinton Reilly said: “I think Swinton are a similar team to Leigh in that they can ship the ball around, they have great attacking shape and can score points.

“It is going to be tough, they will be expecting to beat us as much as we beat them. However if we play like we did on Friday then definitely we can go there and get two points.

“Lee has made a lot of changes to the squad. People going in and out for different reasons. I think we have got quite a close team this year. If we can take that good feeling in the squad on to the field it makes a difference.

“We will have to be clinical Sunday, be competitive, win the ball high, be tough and have a no lose attitude.

“I think if we complete well like on Friday and complete high and use good ball then I don’t see why we can’t go to Swinton and win.”