Dewsbury Rams centre Adam Ryder is very excited by the upcoming boxing day fixture against the Batley Bulldogs. 

The Rams haven’t won a boxing day game since 2011, but Ryder is confident this year could be the Rams year. 

He said: “I am really looking forward to boxing day. It’s the time of pre-season all the lads look forward to, putting all the hard work we’ve done in the last 6-7 weeks into practice.” 

On coming back into pre-season himself Ryder insists he feels in great shape and is eager to get going. 

“Personally I feel I’m fitter, faster and stronger than I was this time last year. I did a lot of hard work in the off season just so I didn’t come into pre-season undercooked.

“Coming into pre-season has just helped add to what I’ve been doing away from the club. So hopefully I am coming into this block of friendlies in a better condition than last year.”

Ryder explained a bit about the different feel to pre-season this time around. Believing there is a real edge and buzz in training, and the new lads are mixing in well.  

He said: “It seems a bit of a different atmosphere than last season. We’ve got a few less lads which I think has helped the squad gel together and create a good buzz. 

“We are feeling good in training but the confidence will come once we start winning games.”

The former Keighley man says the games can’t come soon enough for him and the rest of the squad.  

He said: “They can’t come soon enough, as much as we all enjoy pre-season training, it’s the games we are here for. 

“You get to the point where you just want to start playing and pulling on that shirt.”

Finally Ryder explained how this time of year is a favourite for the players.  

“It’s a good time of year, it’s probably players last chance before the season starts to spend some time with their family. 

“Then after new year it’s time to play some “summer” rugby league, what’s not to love.”