Dewsbury Rams would like to make the following statement regarding the creation of the club advisory board.

The advisory board is an initiative recommended by the RFL of which all clubs are being asked to introduce. It is intended to comprise a cross section of club representations, which should include, but not limited to, owners, employees, fans and volunteers. Its prime function is to provide a steering group that can assist the club in reaching its objectives. T

The Rams advisory group is headed up by Dewsbury chairman Mark Sawyer, he has invited a small cross section of participants from the aforementioned categories to take part in the group.

The group has met just twice and is very much at an embryonic stage, still being in the process of formulating its terms of reference!  

When this work has been completed the group will make a statement on its purpose its work and how it hopes to benefit the club, also at this stage there will be opportunity provided for feedback and communications from the wider fan base.