Dewsbury Rams are delighted to announce Martyn Really has signed a new one year contract to stay at the club.

The front man has shown great determination and courage to get back onto the field of play following his recent ACL injury.

The 23 year old has battled back to full fitness and ended the season in good form. Reilly has also become a prominent figure behind the scenes as he has taken charge of community project the Rampage Club.

On signing his new deal at the club Reilly said: “The club has been massive for me and it will be my third season here. Obviously the first and second season I wasn’t able to have a full campaign due to my ACL injury.

“I missed the back end of the first year, and the first half of last season. However the club stood by me and Mark (Sawyer Rams Chairman) looked after me and sort of pulled me in. He put an arm around my shoulder and said he liked the look of me and what he’d seen. He said the club was going to keep me on board and help me through my recovery.

“To be honest it was an easy decision for my I had no thought of going anywhere else. I want to be here, a lot of clubs might just turn their backs on an injured player. However he didn’t, he wanted me here, he looked after me and I want to repay the club. Hopefully I will get a full pre-season under my belt and have a full season with Dewsbury finally.

“It’s massive for me to do that, when I came back I was working with the off field team Mitch (Rams conditioner Adam Mitchell) Amy Wesson (Physio) and my surgeon. When I came back playing I wanted to get 10 games in. I managed to beat that which was huge. Also Trouty (Kyle Trout) helped me too, he was a huge part in helping me to recover.

“It’s tough coming back without a pre-season. One week the surgeon signs you off for full contact and two week later Lee picked me for my first game. I haven’t missed a game really since then. I was thrown in at the deep end and in a side like us we had so many games to play. I didn’t really have time to get my fitness up so I want to go hard in pre-season this year and get ready to go in the new season.

“It helps having people like Greeny (Lee Greenwood Rams head coach) around you. He always was giving me advice like where do I need to be, what do I need to work on. He never really left me because I was injured, he always spoke with me which was great.”

Next Reilly spoke about the off field staff that he’s worked with to help get the community side up and running.

“It’s been great to work with Lee, Mark, Ady, Steven and Viv. Whilst injured it helped me to have my mind on other things like the community part of the club.

“It’s boring being injured and especially for the amount of time I was, which was 11 month and 1 day. All I could do was limited training being in the gym whilst all the new boys were on the field mixing in with the rest of the lads. You might get 5-10 minutes with them before and after but that was it. I couldn’t do a lot of running for a long time. So when Lee brought up the community side to me it was good.

“It kept me focused and it’s become huge for the club. Now I see a good 10 to 15 new kids faces around the stadium, they now know who our boys faces are including mine and Trouty (Kyle Trout). That might sound like small numbers, but it means a lot to a side like Dewsbury to have 10-15 children coming to the ground. It doesn’t matter whether they are 10,11,12 or 13 years old, boys or girls it’s great to see them and hopefully we can keep them.

“Hopefully we can build on our success next season with it. Those junior sides get a lot out of coming to learn off of pro-players and seeing what we have to offer down here because it’s massive.”

Finally Reilly spoke about the Rams fans. He insists they are a huge part in what makes the club to be a special place at.

He commented: “The fans have stuck by us even when we were in a few tricky situations. We’ve been on the end of some really bad scores, but we have also been on the end of some good scores too. Everyone sticks by us and fans always chat to me after games and they put time into me and I appreciate that. I was off the field for a long time but for them to still put that time and effort into me has been massive.

“I hope and want to give something back to them and the club and I think we can go into next year looking to do really well next season.”