Dewsbury Rams winger picked up Back of the Year and he was ecstatic to receive the award on the club’s presentation.

On winning the award he said: “I am really pleased especially with the quality we’ve got within the backs it’s nice to get a bit of recognition and it gives me something positive to build on for next year.”

Gabriel was brought in from Betfred League One side Keighley Cougars last winter and when asked how he thought he’d done in his first season, he insisted that he thought he’d done ok.

He said: “I think my first season has gone ok, it’s shown me more what my strengths and weaknesses are so I know what I mainly need to focus on in the off season to come back even more prepared for next season.

“It’s been tough like I’ve said, in league one you tend to have some tough games followed by sort of easier games, where as in the championship no game come as a given week in week out they’re tough battles.

“I feel like for my size I’ve carried myself well and managed to get attacking wins a lot, quick play the balls to help the team out in yardage. I defensively think as the season has gone on I’ve improved but there’s still a lot of room for improvement and that will be my main focus next year.

Gabriel is an ambitious player and insists that he wants to try and make it to the top, and he says that all starts from next season and having a good winter period.

He said: “I’ve always said I want to try and go as far as I can in the game so my focus next year is to have a good off season come back in the best shape I can and see what happens.”