Dewsbury Rams head coach Lee Greenwood gave his thoughts following our narrow defeat against the Featherstone Rovers.

The Rams were defeated 25-24 on the day.

On the defeat Greenwood said: “I think it was a similar game to the Halifax one where we went toe to toe with a big spending playoff contender. Like a lot of games we came out of it with nothing, which is disappointing because we matched them for such a large part of it.

“Normally you look back over the season and usually say you have won your fair share of games, we can’t do that. We could and should have won more and not be sat where we are. The positives are that we are getting back to where we were at the begining of the season. We’ll look into the little things that we need to work on in technical stuff, now the attitude is coming as standard.

“I can’t fault the players attitude out there, we have questioned attitude, mentality and prep in the past but not now. You can pick some of it to pieces the quality and technical stuff. However you can’t say the lads haven’t put full effort in there with the right attitude because they have. We showed character to come back in adversity, I thought our discipline was outstanding as we didn’t lose our heads. I don’t think anyone can argue if we had shared the points.

“I think we wanted to play the sets out if we would have had our time again we probably would have gone for the drop goal at the end. However I can’t be critical because the lads put full effort in they’ve had a dig and come away with nothing.

“I read other coaches comments about the mental side of the game. That is an important factor now, a coaches role isn’t just about picking a team and sorting a few subs out its more than that. There is a lot more to coaching a rugby team than just rocking up on a Sunday and that is why we have assistants to help with on the field matters. A lot of it is sorting combinations out and working on those little 1% that can win you games. We have changed a lot in our approach as players and staff and for the last five to six games you can’t say they haven’t put full effort and desire in to the games.

“Like I said we’ll look back knowing we haven’t had enough points in the table to where we could have been and I know where we should have been.”