Dewsbury Rams are delighted to announce that Toronto Wolpack fan ambassador Sandy Domingos-Shipley has helped the club get the fun summer holiday Rampage Camp off of the ground. 

Sandy has been kind enough to approach the club and offer some funds to help set up the camp with which the Rams are now putting on. The camp will be running on the 7th, 8th and 9th August between the times of 10am-3pm.  

The money that Sandy has helped to provide is a huge help in managing to get the camp on and we would like to thank her for giving us the important funds to help make the event go ahead.  

Sandy will be recognized by most rugby league supporters as she has gone to visit most if not all of the Betfred Championship grounds since Toronto have played in the division. Sandy and her family were given a warm welcome by everyone at the Rams on both occasions they have visited the Tetley’s Stadium. Her children have been mascots at the Dewsbury vs Toronto games and it is another example of how not only the club but Sandy and the wider rugby league community would like to work together. Sandy wants to encourage more children to get involved in the sport and this was one of the main factors in her backing the Rams with her funds to put on the summer camp. 

Sandy has been chosen as one of Betfred’s Super Fans and received a £1000 in recognition of her fantastic support not only for the Wolfpack but for the game in general. 

Sandy has helped to grow the support in the UK for the Canadian team from just five people to now over 70 in just a few years. Her growing support on social media can also be noticed as she has helped UK teams produce Canada style themed days for when the Wolfpack visit. 

Once again we would like to wish Sandy all the best for the rest of the season and would again thank her for her donation of funds to go towards the summer camp. 

If you would like to sign up for the summer Rampage Camp then please read more here: