Dewsbury Rams head coach Lee Greenwood has had his say ahead of our game against the York City Knights.

On the upcoming crucial Championship fixture he said: “They are a good team are York and we’ll need to make massive improvements if want to get near them.

“We need to get off to a better start, as it’s depressing viewing for staff and fans and also players who are already involved in it. Knowing a game is already dead after the first 20 minutes. You go down in confidence the more scores you go down. That needs to change I am seeing all this for the first time, but the players and supporters aren’t unfortunately where by what is happening now has happened in the past, big losing runs with a few wins thrown in. I want to change that, I wanted to change it at the beginning and I want to change it now. It requires people to change their ways if we want to get out of this, it requires tough people with a stomach for a fight. However if we don’t have that whether I’m the coach or not and going into next year and the year after that then results will just continue.

“Like I say we are not seeing any difference to previous years and the supporters know that. It’s the manner of defeats that hurt I am not daft, I am in as much pain if not more than anyone at the club when I watch my team conceding those tries.

“I said when I first took the job I wanted us to be difficult to beat. Earlier on in the season we were difficult to beat and should have won more games, and at the minute we are not. We are working hard behind the scenes to try different things to change it.

“Everyone in this league is beatable but we have got our own issues at the minute and I’d like to see us have a real dig on Sunday.

“We have plenty of injuries, we have played three games in a week and we have some sore bodies.”