Dewsbury Rams have been working closely with the Amber Ribbon on various ground refurbishments, one of these are the stadium waste pumps.

The Club & Amber Ribbon have come together to resolve the issue, and the club can now confirm that the project was a success. The Amber Ribbon have contributed towards the cost of renewing the on ground waste pumps.

With a stadium that is now 25 years old, maintenance and renewal of certain parts are required. Drainage and plumbing although not the most attractive of subjects non the less is vitally important to the functioning of the stadium.

The Club have also secured a maintenance contract and sponsorship deal with GW Pump Services of Leeds.

Ady Marsh representing the club said: “The Amber Ribbon play a major part helping the Rams on & off the field. Also thanks to Gary at GW Pumps with their installation work of the new pump system & subsequent sponsorship deal.”

Gary at GW Pump Services said: “We are pleased to work with Dewsbury Rams RLFC, I have a lot of respect for club’s like Dewsbury Rams who I know at times find things difficult with funding stadium improvements, a stadium that is owned by the club. I am looking forward to our sponsorship and maintenance agreement.”