Dewsbury Rams new signing Joe Martin is hoping to make a good impression in his first couple of week’s at the club.

The former amateur player recently signed for the Rams and has since made the fullback position his own, he insists that whilst he hasn’t enjoyed the defeats so far in his time at the club, overall he is looking forward to what the future may bring at Dewsbury.

He commented: “I didn’t know too much about the club before I came here, I have only been back in England for the past few months as I was abroad. I have since played amateur rugby at Siddal so when I got the call I was excited about making the step back up.  I didn’t think I was going to get a chance and obviously I am grateful for that and for Dewsbury.

“I haven’t missed a game yet since coming in which is great on my part, I just want to keep playing well and adding to the team and if I can do that I will be happy.”

On what type of player he is, Martin added: “The forwards work hard in defence so when it comes to the attack if I can make an effort there then that is where I can get myself involved and give those lads a bit of a break.

“It depends on the situation and game, today we wanted to keep the ball tucked in and cut those balls out. However sometimes I can’t help myself and I do like a skillful pass and try something a little bit off of the cuff.

“I have played under Gaz and Lee before for quite a few years so I am used to their coaching methods, and so I think I have been able to fit in better than what I normally would have done under a different coach. I am getting to know the systems now and getting to know the team a lot more.”

Finally Martin explained what he hoped for the rest of the season for not just the team but also himself.

He said: “Since I have been here I have won two and lost two, we have lost the two to two top four sides, our aim at the minute should be to compete and beat the mid-table sides and get up there and see where we can go and then anything else can happen from there.

“My aim is to just play all the time and try and earn myself a contract at the club, but obviously I have no idea how that is looking, but hopefully I can earn one.”