Dewsbury Rams head coach Lee Greenwood has had his say ahead of this weekend’s fixture away at the Toronto Wolfpack.

The Rams head to Canada in good form winning their last two games. Now Greenwood is excited to see what his team can do against the Trans-Atlantic side.

He said: “I am looking forward to it, it’s not every day you get to coach your side in Toronto on Sky TV. Plus I am looking forward to seeing how my side do against one of the best in the division. They have the biggest budget and might be in Super League next year, so this opportunity might not be here next year.

“We have to go over there and enjoy it and try and give as good as account as we can.”

“It would be daft to think we can take them on as a normal game of rugby. They are a well oiled machine this year, they don’t throw the ball around as much like they did before and that in turn makes them harder to beat. We need to come up with a few different things and be at our absolute best to be competitive, because they do the basics so well and that’s why they are near the top.

“There will be no mud on the pitch and it will be warmer than what we are used to weather wise. It’s going to be a quicker game than last time and so that means you need to keep hold of the ball for as long as you can. You have to defend really tough, and those are the two things you need to do well otherwise that is how they rack up big scores on you. If you keep hold of the ball and knock out the sets well enough and tire some of that full time fitness out of them then they are just human. People are having a good dig at them. I believe we are only the third side to go over there as they have played a lot of games here. So that means we have only a few games to go off when there, they beat both Swinton and Bradford comfortably in Canada. However in that both sides did cause Toronto problems.

“There are a hell of a lot of changes to the side this week with people not being available. In a way that excites me, because we have people either who haven’t played for a while or have asked for an opportunity. I like it sometimes that way because it means those lads coming in have something to prove and will go out there and give it their all.

“You aren’t playing a normal game here, they are a side full of ex-Super League and NRL players. We’ll need to be at our best and they need to have an off day, we can’t change their full time element, their strength or speed. If all 17 of our lads go out there, put a real shift in and be competitive I won’t mind what the score is.

“I think those supporters who have made the trip are right to go. We don’t know when these teams will be in our game or division again. To play, watch and coach our team in Canada we need to take in the moment, it will be good to look back on especially if we go over there and give a good show of ourselves. I know the score last year wasn’t good so hopefully this time we can improve on it.”