Dewsbury Rams Kyle Trout insists that it was a real team effort to get the win over Rochdale on Sunday, the Rams scored 11 tries in an impressive 66-10 win over their Lancashire rivals.

On the win over Rochdale, Trout said: “Probably attacking wise it was pretty pleasing to score that many points, but it was the little things as well that paid off today. Everyone shared the work out, we did give away a few penalties so there is still plenty to work on, but it was a great result.

“It is certainly a lot better place confidence wise but that is earned isn’t it, to get two on the bounce is great and you just have to enjoy them. It is the same when you lose you just need to work on those things, learn from them and move on and focus on the next game. We did give a lot of penalties away during the game but I am sure with hard work we can sort that out.”

Trout scored for the second game on the trot, and is now chasing the top try scorer spot, however he says that the team do a lot of hard work before he gets to the try line.

He said: “To be fair to Sammy (Day) he called the play and I managed to put it down, it was more of a team thing with some nice play of the balls before. It makes a big difference, and it was the same last week against Swinton, if it wasn’t for the quick play of the ball from I think Frazer then it made my job a bit easier to get in behind the markers.

“I think with the situation we have put ourselves in there is pressure every week, and I think we have been one of those up and down sides where we can go to Widnes and Featherstone and pull off a result. Then we can go to somewhere else and be the stronger side on paper and lose and not even compete.”

Trout will be hoping he is selected to go on the plane to play Toronto in Canada next weekend. He believes it is a great experience for any player to have.

He said: “It will be nice for whoever is going to be close together and we might get a bit of training in over there. At the end of the day it is still a game and we want to try and win it, by all means it isn’t a holiday or a disco. It is good not just to get to know someone when they are training and focusing but also to get to know them off the pitch when they are having a bit of down time.

“There is a lot of turn over in faces and it is a transitional sort of period like Lee has said, so we are having people coming in thick and fast and it will be good to get to know one and other a bit more.

“It is a good experience playing over there it is a good atmosphere and it is marketed really well and it’s well followed. It will be a great experience for those that haven’t been over already.”