Dewsbury Rams head coach Lee Greenwood is looking forward to the 1895 cup competition fixture against the Swinton Lions on Sunday. He believes a win in this competition could be a catalyst to gain some momentum in the league fixtures.

On this Sunday’s fixture he said: “I am excited for it because I want to get out there and get a win, we are on a losing run and no matter what competition it is we want to win for confidence. It is a new competition ran by the RFL, how long it will last who knows, because the RFL do like to change things up.

“Let’s have a go at it, the next round will be between two important league games which isn’t ideal for where we are at. However it is a competition that we want to try our best in, I said at the start that I wanted to win and be competitive in as many games as we could and this is no different. It also gives us a chance to get a bit of revenge on Swinton who beat us last week.

“I’d say from a players point of view when you have lost you do want to quickly get back out there and win. So it might be a good thing that we are playing Swinton so soon after last time out, if we weren’t in this we wouldn’t be playing them again. They have won one and we have won one both at each clubs respective home grounds so if it goes to form we will be in the next round. We need to win games which breeds confidence and you then get into a run and you seem to get the luck too and to start to trust each other a bit more. We aren’t getting much luck at the moment, with decisions not going our way, that comes with losing. I know how quickly things can change, I have been on losing and winning runs and sometimes it just takes one bounce of a ball to change the whole season.

“In that respect I am positive on how things can turn, there are too many good players in here for this to carry on much longer. We have worked hard in training, trying to make improvements as we go along, and hopefully we will turn a corner soon.

“It was the biggest disappointment of the season as it was the first game I went into expecting us to win looking at the two line ups. For me it was the first game where I thought we were expected to win, being above Swinton at the time. The other games whilst they all hurt they were against teams that we were underdogs against. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t win some of those games, but I thought we were better and stronger than Swinton going into Sunday. Wins are very hard to come by and we need to work very hard to get the luck we want and need to win.

“I don’t see either of us changing 17 lads for this game, there will still be the vast majority of lads that played last Sunday playing in this one. We have got a lot of bodies to put in, but we want to win it and so I don’t want to make ridiculous changes for the sake of it. If someone is performing in training behind the scenes then that could happen, but I don’t see 13 or 17 people being changed.

“There are no new injuries to be concerned about, Ben Kilner limped off on Sunday, however he will be available for selection. Then there are people getting closer to being put into the mix, whether it be this week or not we’ll have to see. Martyn Reilly, Cam Leeming and Paul Sykes are all knocking on the door now and it will be between one to three week’s that they’ll all be back.”