Dewsbury Rams head coach Lee Greenwood gave his thoughts following the defeat to Swinton Lions on Sunday.

He said: “It was two poor teams, it was a bottom end Championship sort of game, very scrappy. It had both sides with players giving penalties away at ridiculous times and doing daft stuff. If the game had have continued it would have been a cycle of we would have got back in front then them, then us.

“They have got some young lads in there as do we but we also have some experience in there too. We should be winning that game to be honest. Everyone is having a long hard look at themselves. There needs to be some big changes at this club. I am confident I can make those changes given the time.

“You knew they were going to go short for that last kick off, so for that ball to bounce is peculiar really. It was there for a few people to get their hands on it.

“The defeat is the biggest thing, I always thought it would be a scrappy affair. There was some good stuff and hideous stuff in there. The idea was to get here and win and I’m sure Swinton thought that too, I thought we had done that. We put a 12 point lead up and then just did some crazy individual stuff. It was a lesson in how not to win a game when 12 points up. We didn’t go for the next point to make them score three, then we have a man sin-binned then we gave penalty after penalty away. They got back into it, we then go for the drop goal which was fair play but then that kick off happened.

“You aren’t on the pitch with them in those moments so that’s where you need players to take responsibility. I’m certainly not just pointing at one or two people, we are still going through that change. Along the way there might be more disappointments but I want to win, I always have, so these defeats hurt they really do.

“Gabriel is playing really well there are defensive aspects of his game that he needs to work on. He did OK today and carries really well and offered himself up. I thought there were defensive parts that Rob Worrincy didn’t do quite well. However I thought in the second half he really offered himself up and took some big carries for us and got himself a try.

“Swinton have gone above us now which is fair play to them. Next week gives us a break from the league and gives us a chance to put one back on Swinton. Then we have a massive game against Rochdale.

“There has to be some personal changes any coach will tell you there has to be. It’d be great to pick the same 17 week in week out but when you are losing then you have to change the formula. There will be changes made for next week and it gives people chance to put their hand up for the rest of the season really and for people who want to not just be in the team now but have a chance of being offered a contract at a Championship club for next season.

“I know what a good club this could be and the potential it has. We have talked a lot about the facilities and the ground. We have changed facilities and we have a nice ground, there now needs to be a bit more coming from the squad. All the potential we have been talking about is now in place for us to succeed.”