Dewsbury Rams halfback Liam Finn is looking forward to this weekend’s game at the Summer Bash where the Rams will take on local rivals Batley Bulldogs.

Finn hasn’t played in the bash before but has had a taste of what it might be like when he was involved in the Super League Magic Weekend.

On the Summer Bash he said: “I am looking forward to it, I haven’t played in it before, I have watched it most years on TV and I have seen that everyone was having a good time and so I am looking forward to seeing what it is like for myself.

“I have played at Magic Weekend before, but the bash hadn’t come in when I was at Featherstone, it then came in a couple of years after that. I think it is a great idea, jumping on the back of the Magic Weekend for the Super League teams and so to bring it in for the Championship and to see everyone having a party atmosphere is great.

“To see all the fans getting together is always a good thing in rugby league and I think that is something as a sport we do well. Where the fans generally speaking apart from the odd exception mingle well together and I think that is something we should embrace and carry on with.

“It is a great place, it’s local for most teams and it is somewhere where every team gets together for a bit of party atmosphere in a party type town. Hopefully on the back of it we can put on a good performance and try to pick up a little bit from the last few week’s where we have been a bit disappointing.”

The Rams will face the Bulldogs on Sunday 19th May for a 3.15pm kick off and Finn believes that Dewsbury can make an improvement on the last performance against Batley on Good Friday, Dewsbury lost 20-8 on the night

He said: “We just want to improve, we just weren’t good enough with it being a derby and it’s a big thing for Dewsbury to try and beat Batley and for our fans but plain and simple we weren’t good enough that day and they deserved to win.

“For the last couple of home games we have been like that and it’s not good enough, until we sort out our home form we can’t think about whether it’s a derby or whether we are playing top of the league or bottom of the league. You get what you deserve in this game and at the moment we are getting what we deserve.

“We have been getting ourselves some opportunities but not enough of them as we aren’t playing well enough, if you create enough opportunities you will score enough points. You could say we have bombed an opportunity to score a try here or there but we need to get those opportunity numbers up first.

“We have got all the excuses ready that we are a new team, we are this we are that, however at the end of the day we just need to perform and work hard for each other. Once you start to work hard for one and other then funny things start to happen, we have shown that when we work together as a team what can happen. Like away at Featherstone and Widnes being the most obvious ones where we worked hard for each other and got ourselves into a good position, and funnily enough we have scored points.

“It isn’t a massive secret if you work hard and stick together and get yourself in the right position then you will score points, and the last three or four week’s we haven’t done that. We haven’t put ourselves in a good enough position so therefor we haven’t scored enough points.”