Dewsbury Rams winger Rob Worrincy is looking forward to playing against his old side in Halifax in the Challenge Cup sixth round. He insists the Rams can get through and make it to the quarter-final stage.

He said: “I always look forward to playing games against my former clubs as it gives me an opportunity to catch up with old faces and some friends from the past. The result can matter a little more too. I don’t like losing in general but to have to lose to your old team is particular hard.

“The challenge cup is a competition stacked in history and very prestigious, in terms of RL you won’t find anything similar in any hemisphere. Getting to the quarter-finals is a huge achievement for any team at our level but I feel it would be even greater an achievement for the Rams given the change of personnel at both playing and coaching levels. We have a new group of players and a different coaching set up this year so reaching a challenge cup quarter final would be some achievement.”

Worrincy has been recovering from a knock the last few weeks and so hasn’t played, however he says he is now ready to get back into the action.

He said: “I’ve been carrying a few knocks and struggled with the quick turnaround of Easter. I miss being out there with the boys even if it’s only a couple of weeks and am raring to go and put in a performance with the boys. In the last couple of weeks we’ve had a mixed bag in terms of results and performances and this week we need to be much better to get a result.”

Worrincy knows what it’s like playing in big fixtures, being an experienced squad member he knows how to handle the occasion. However he does insist that it won’t be experience that will be the main factor in winning the game.

“Experience is always a help in the big games but I think it will come down to attitude and enthusiasm.” He said.

He continued: “We have to want to get to those loose balls first, push off the ball etc, the things that got results against Featherstone and Widnes earlier in the season.

Finally the pacey winger reflected on what has been an up and down season not just for the team but also for himself performance wise.

He said: “I mentioned mixed bag in an early question in relation to the past couple weeks and I think that would be a fair assessment of the season so far. We’ve had some cracking results and performances and some equally poor and disappointing results. We have been unlucky to not get some more wins this year but have had some tough to take defeats too.

“I think my performances at the start of the season has been up there with the best in Dewsbury colours. The last few weeks I’ve been disappointing in my own opinion and the injury hasn’t helped that. I’m hoping to be back in the mix soon and back to performing solidly for the team.”