The Amber Ribbon have once again stepped in and helped to fund the fixing of some new fire doors for the Tetley’s stadium.

The Amber Ribbon continues to raise money to help the Club, the latest of these projects was the fitting of some new fire doors at the North Stand.

Dewsbury Rams would like to thank the Amber Ribbon and our fans that support them.

Amber Ribbon chairman Charlie Coates said: “The Amber Ribbon mission is to help the Dewsbury Rams on and off the field. We thank the fans who support us so we can progress for the benefit of the Club.

“Over the past years while the Amber Ribbon has been in existence we have managed to raise £22’000 and help support projects around the ground, for playing equipment & contributions towards the playing budget. Lucas Walshaw and Adam Ryder were brought to the Club with the help of the Amber Ribbon.”

Finally Dewsbury Rams Media Manager Steven Downes said: “Once again this shows the close bond the club has with its supporters and particularly the Amber Ribbon. We would like to thank them once again for helping to fund the fire door project.”