Dewsbury Rams hooker Liam Finn was delighted to get the winning drop goal kick against Widnes to help the Rams get two huge two points.

Finn who scored a try and two conversion kicks on the day, added a drop goal kick to his points tally for the afternoon. His kick with two minutes remaining meant the Rams came away from Widnes with their third win of the season.

On that moment, Finn said: “I had about 75 minutes worth of abuse and at 24 all I thought I better get a drop goal here and that soon quietened them down. We had set up for it well, they dropped the ball on the halfway line, obviously we did what every team does, we were trying to get closer and closer and I think it was Fieldy (Callum Field) trying to get the ball as far left as he could.

“I was saying I need it on my right foot, I need it on my right foot, he then decided to come right to the middle of the pitch and so I had it lined up and I thought there is no chance but I managed to shuffle and get a little bit of space and get it over.”

On the 25-24 victory, Finn added: “I thought it was two quite even sides which is quite surprising with one being a part time team that is building and changing the team week to week against a full time team. However I was surprised, I think they were surprised and even our lads were surprised at how even both teams were.

“Without playing with confidence we managed to stay in there, and then we thought hang on a minute this isn’t as hard as what we thought it might be, which is something we are having every week at the moment. We managed to stay in their and give ourselves a chance of winning the game in the end.

“It probably does the same as what it did when we won at Featherstone, we just don’t seem to be backing it up. However we need to start believing in ourselves and then believe in doing the right things and often enough you’ll win more than you lose, you can’t win them all but you can give yourself a chance of winning games in the last ten minutes. It’s not a bad idea as a rugby league player to follow that and if you get in to every game in the last ten minutes with a chance of winning then you’ll win as many games as you need to win, especially if you are not one of the so called bigger teams.”

Finally Finn spoke about his time so far back at the club, saying he is glad to be back and is so far enjoying his return to the club.

He said:”It’s been really good, I was at the Rams a long time ago and I had a really good time at Dewsbury the last time, and I know what the club is all about and my family love going to Dewsbury.

“However we are in the very early stages of the new coach and this team and it’s quite tough week to week. Their isn’t much continuity at the moment but we are building on that and so we are trying to nick wins here and there which we have done, we need to start putting them back to back and getting that team spirit going.”