Dewsbury Rams will head to Featherstone on Sunday as they take on the Rovers in the latest Betfred Championship fixture.

Rams head coach Lee Greenwood has given his thoughts ahead of this weekend’s game.

On Sunday’s match, he said: “We know it will be a tough test as Featherstone are a good side, probably a top five side on paper.

“We have different priorities right now, they will probably be disappointed if they don’t get into the top five. Where as we aren’t quite at that level yet, that doesn’t mean in time we won’t be as that is the long term goal.

“There is nothing to be frightened of, you just have to look at what we did against Toronto.

“If you turn up with the right attitude you can do anything, like what we did against Toronto, which is the one you look at, where I thought we went toe to toe with them.

“If you can do that against a full time team who has spent loads and loads of money then you’ve always got a chance against a part time side. If we go there with the right attitude we can cause Featherstone some problems, however if we don’t go there with the right attitude we’ll have a poor performance as against Halifax.

“I think they (Featherstone) have settled down now, the dual-reg players are either lads that have been there before or similar types, and the ones on loan have been there for a longer period. We also have our own players and they’ll play their part on Sunday.”