Dewsbury Rams are set to face Featherstone Rovers away from home this weekend, the Rams are coming off of another close defeat last Sunday, and Rams player Kyle Trout is hoping to go one better this weekend and get the win.

On Featherstone as an opponent Trout is expecting a tough test and believes the Rams will have to be at their very best to get the two points.


He said: “Featherstone are a great club no questions about it, they have a great history & a team of quality players. From what i have seen from them so far they have some athletic carriers of the footy, that look to play fast and really get the defence on the back foot.

“With the halves taking over on the edges on the back of it, so with that being said i think it’s imperative we defend well, control offloads and the wrestle. I also hope plenty of fans make the trip because Fev have a strong and vocal following which really helps them fire at home.”

Ed Barber and Liam Cooper halt Kyle Trout

The Rams have been competitive in the majority of their fixtures so far this year, just coming up short in a few of them and not getting the win over the line. Trout says that must change and will change given time.

He said: “From my point of view I have mixed feelings about how we have started the season. On one hand we have shown for the vast majority of all our games so far (with the exemption of Halifax, being the only game we did not turn up at all to) that we can lead, compete & disrupt any team.

“That obviously is a huge positive and probably shows the work that has gone in through the off season both on and off the field. Though that being said the frustrating factor of that point being where we have led and have been our own worst enemy throwing leads in short spells and consequently being where we are in the league compared to where we could well have been with a little more smarts and confidence in our abilities as a whole.

“It has been said by both the coaching staff and players we have shown we have the ability, we have put the work in. We just seem to have that stigma in our mindset that after one mistake/try we seem to deflate. Obviously the top teams don’t, they have that winning mentality & belief.

“That’s the main thing i think we’re missing, we are a good team, capable of beating anyone, once we have a couple of these games go our way & that belief sinks in, we will be firing for the full 80. As soon as we get this I believe Dewsbury will prove a lot of people wrong & pick up a lot more wins.”

The 28 year old Trout insists that he hasn’t been playing his best rugby this season, despite being praised by supporters for his performances so far this season. Trout says that he is looking to up his game over the coming weeks and months.

He commented: “I am enjoying myself more so this year, I haven’t hit what i believe to be my best for a while, truth be told probably since being seriously injured and having a few things behind the scenes that happened around that time I became seriously disillusioned with the game and it’s shown in my performances, you have to love it and be driven.

“I think that’s testament to the club now that the environment has giving me that drive back. Although I am happy to be going in the right direction I still have potential to improve.

“Obviously I want to keep improving, ideally hit another level in form and consistency personally. Ricky Sheriffe is my mentor this year and has really helped me make goals, previewing video, reviewing video etc so we are always adapting them for me to chase. As a team I want us to “flick that switch” mentally. back our selves and see these games out.”

Trout has taken up an off the field role and has given up his Monday nights to help run a very successful scheme called the RAMPAGE CLUB. He is loving helping to run the sessions with fellow player Martyn Reilly.


On the Rampage Club, he said: “I couldn’t be happier with how the RAMPAGE CLUB is going! The response both from teams that have had a session or trying to book on has been immense. So much so we have if only a few dates left available, we are proud of the facilities we have and to have the opportunity to coach these kids some techniques, fun and show all the rewards from the volunteers, staff and directors hard work behind the scenes.

“The kids enjoy the session and the parents can’t believe how good a setup we have so its win / win. Its awesome to see the kids after these sessions coming and supporting the club at games and having a great time

“I’m not sure we can put it down to one thing, obviously without the club enabling us to use the facilities, offer the tickets etc it couldn’t happen and without the hot bed of great amateur clubs around us all buying in to the idea obviously we wouldn’t have a platform at all.

“Every session is different, we tailor them to ages and influences of their personal coaches so hopefully everyone sees the facilities, learns some tips & most importantly the kids have a great night.”