Dewsbury Rams head coach Lee Greenwood has given an update on the recent ins and outs at the club.

He said: “The reason for bringing loans in is to keep people on their toes and as well with them being full time they give you something that your lads can’t which is the full time fitness element, if we think a player will improve the 17 then we will do it.

“We have got some young lads that have come in and there is no pressure on us to play them in a certain amount of games or anything like that. That is not how the relationship is working with the clubs because it’s not a dual-reg agreement. They aren’t dictating who can play for us and who can’t, we just want to have a look at them and if they are good enough to play in the 17 then they will play. We’ll then discuss things when the loan period is up, to see if we like them and they like us.

“Obviously with the likes of Chris Annakin he’s a bit older, he’s been here before and plays for Wakefield, he’s a ready made player, and he’s a good player, whether he’s on loan at you or at you permanently.

“In Luke Hooley we didn’t feel we had an out and out fullback so that’s why Luke was brought in and I think he’s done pretty well. There others are all forwards really, and are all interesting in their own way. Some potentially we could bring in for longer, some might have a massive future not here but in the game itself. So if we can get them on the way up and they do well for us then it’s a win win for everyone.

“Numbers wise we have got a big squad, pre-season we gave everyone a fair chance and a go at it. We trained hard at what we put in place, some lads unfortunately missed chunks of that time because of injury or other reasons, and it’s those lads that probably needed every single session and not to miss any. Probably missing some of it hasn’t helped them get up to speed to become Championship players, that’s not to say they won’t be, but in our opinion they aren’t quite ready to maybe make that step up yet, so it is a management game at the moment.

“That is why you have seen Harvey Hallas go on loan out to Keighley and then we have also made an arrangement where three of our lads went to Keighley reserves on dual-reg which is good for our lads to get games. There is only so much training you can do and the lads can go and work on the things I have asked of them in a game environment.”