The Amber Ribbon has issued a statement to members following its AGM, held in The Royal Suite at The Tetley’s Stadium on Thursday 21 February.

“Thank you to the members who attended the AGM. The membership was quorate so the meeting went ahead as per the agenda. No apologies for absence were received.

“The Chairman addressed the members with a brief history of The Amber Ribbon and copies of our achievements to date were made available for members to read.

“He thanked the working party for their work and stated that The Amber Ribbon will continue to fund projects to help the Rams on and off the field.

“The Treasurer read out the accounts for the year ending 2018.

“Copies of the accounts were available for members to read and an account summary will be made available to read online.

“There were four items to be voted on in regard to changes to The Amber Ribbon Constitution, which were all passed unanimously.

“No nominations or applications to join the committee had been received. The committee would like to invite members to apply.

“Should the committee not receive any applications they will look to co-opt committee members for the year to enable the committee to function effectively.

“Any member wishing to apply should do so in writing to the secretary.

“There then followed a question and answer session. The committee took all points on board and these will be discussed at committee meetings.

“The Chairman thanked  supporters for joining the Amber Ribbon.

“The membership is growing and there is a positive feeling among members as to the direction of the organisation.”

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