The Dewsbury Mascots for the Toronto game are friends Brett & James age 9 and Solomon who is 7 years old very soon. It’s Brett’s 10th Birthday next Monday 4th March, both Brett and James go to Southdale School, Ossett. Brett has been a keen fan for four years & James is a new supporter to the Rams, Brett’s favourite player is Adam Ryder, all the boys expect plenty of effort from the team on Sunday.


Representing Toronto for the mascots are….

Luis Shipley, Age 12

Luis is a huge sports fan, some of his favourite sports are American Football which he has been playing since the age of 7 at Leeds Beckett, and baseball. Luis has been playing Rugby since age of 8 for Yarnbury in Leeds, he plays the same position as his favourite player Andy Ackers.

Ethan Shipley, Age 5

Ethan has yet to join a club but he loves being part of his local Rugby Tots class which he has been doing since the age of 3. Ethan’s favourite Toronto Wolfpack player is Ashton Sims who he has given the nickname of “The Boss” and insists in saying hello to Ashton at the end of EVERY single game!

Lauren Shipley, Age 10

Lauren spends her spare time in dance classes from ballet, tap and musical theatre since the age of 3, but she is a huge sport fan. Lauren is a huge baseball fan and most recently Rugby League since the introduction of the Toronto Wolfpack.