Dewsbury Rams head coach Lee Greenwood spoke to the media ahead of tomorrow’s game against Toronto Wolfpack.

He said on the upcoming fixture: “It is a bit of a one off this one, A. Being on TV and B. because you are coming up against a full time outfit. Not just full time but a Super League side in all but name really. It’s almost like when you draw a Super League side in the Challenge Cup. So we are going into this game as massive under dogs.

“It is a different challenge as a lot of the other fixtures you are putting a game plan in place. You fancy yourself going toe to toe and being good enough. We want to show we are one of the fittest and strongest part time sides. It’s all about the odds against full time opposition, if they train and do things right then it makes it difficult, we have to come with a slightly different tactic this week to make a fist of it.

“They are massive across the board and that is what you get with full time athletes. They have brought people in who aren’t just good, they have brought them in from the NRL so they aren’t messing about. Every tackle is a proper tackle, it’s going to be a big effort. We have trained to try and deal with them but also see how we can pose them problems.

“Pretty much any line break will end up being a try for them. They have the support play, the speed and quality to do that. It is one of them games where the part time team needs to play the perfect game to give them a game. If you look at York and Leigh results they did that, they didn’t do much wrong and still got beat.

“The lads are on TV and it’ll be a first time for a few of them so they will be getting their hair done. It’s a showcase for them and it’s the two games that will definitely be on TV and it’s exposure for them and the whole club.”

As well as the game on the day the club is hosting a curtain raiser between the London Silverbacks and Bah’tat. We also will be hosting a half time kids game between Batley Boys and Shaw Cross Sharks. The day will be a day of celebration for amateur clubs.

Greenwood is delighted that the club is having a closer relationship behind the scenes with local teams, and believes the good work already done must be built upon.

He said: “Hopefully a few people will come down that have not before. It’s an exciting game to be on Sky but the challenge is to keep these people coming. It is getting them in the door in the first place and we are working hard behind the scenes to try and get it to happen. I dare say a lot of kids have stepped into this ground for the first time over the last few weeks. Hopefully they start to come down more and more and become Dewsbury fans.”