Dewsbury Rams head coach Lee Greenwood spoke to the media following Sunday’s victory over Swinton.

On the win he said: “It feels good to have two points on the table, it feels better than last week. Whether we actually played better this week I am not sure, we played pretty well for a large period last week, we started off well today. We changed what we were doing a bit earlier than what we did last week, and fell into a bit of a dog fight really. We did get the win eventually but again slipped away from what we were doing and let Swinton score some late tries, and made the scoreline closer than expected.

“I don’t want my team to fall into whatever ways they were used to in the past, I want us to be better than that. You say there are a lot of new faces which there are but then there are a lot of lads who have been here previously as well. I think it’s a mentality change that needs to happen, it’s the mental side of things we need to improve on.

“Once we got 18 points up I got the feeling the players thought they had won it and moved away from what we were doing in the previous 60 minutes. We made it into a scrap and gave Swinton a load more attacking positions and they scored too. I think we need to be better than that and it’s a mentality thing which I need to change. Once that changes we will become a good side.”