Dewsbury Rams stand-off/scrum half Simon Brown was delighted to get his first win in a Rams shirt in a competitive game.

Speaking to the media following the 38-24 victory over Swinton on Sunday, he said: “It has been coming, my first one as a Dewsbury player and I am over the moon.

“We have talked about going through a process which we have been going through in pre-season. At times you can tell we are going through that process, however we are delighted to get the win and kick start our season now.

“We have been starting pretty well to be honest and started well last week. One thing we did speak about at half time was learning from what we had done last week. I think we started the second half better than what we did the week before. We are a learning team and we are going through a process at the moment.

“In the first half we gave them a lot of field position and one of their tries. They are good attacking team Swinton when they get down there.

“Like I said with that process, we just need to get better and be a bit more clinical. That will come in time when we have the ball, we have got a new head coach, new players including myself and we are taking a while to adapt but we have to go through the tough stuff to get to the good stuff which will come.”

The try of the game arguably came from Winger Rob Worrincy who ran the full length of the field to score, and Brown praised his teammate for getting in the right position to make the breakaway.

Brown commented: “He is an athlete is Rob, as you can tell looking at him. He put himself in the right position and you have to back him. I don’t think you would want anyone else with 80 metres in front of them on our team, so all credit to him for putting himself in that position and finishing it off.”

Looking to the future Brown accepts there is still much to learn from this Rams team. However the experienced campaigner is excited to see where Dewsbury can go.

Brown continued: “We are just taking each day and week that comes. We train hard and we like to be the best working team if we can. If you’re coming to Dewsbury you should know it won’t be pretty and it will be tough.

“That is something we are trying to install, he (Lee Greenwood) is bringing in some new philosophies from where I’ve been at previous clubs. When we are in control of teams you can tell that they do work, we just have to fasten up on those loose assets a bit and we will be there or there about’s.”