Dewsbury Rams are delighted to announce that they now have the fantastic facility of a new wrestle room to use.

The Rams volunteers have worked extremely hard to get the room ready in time for the 2019 season. The room will provide the Rams with the ability to work on strength and conditioning even more than before with the added facility putting another string to add to Lee Greenwood’s team bow.

On the wrestle room, Dewsbury Rams chairman Mark Sawyer said: “It is a fantastic facility that has been set up by the volunteers and we have been able to add this facility to our stadium due to the bequeathed money from Christine Gooder. The money has helped to set up projects and this was one of them.”

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Rams head coach Lee Greenwood added: “Every team and every coach will want to get some wrestle into their training. It’s become more prominent in the game as the years have gone by. Teams and coaches have always delved into it but did it on a more judo sort of basis, like an extra fitness session where it wasn’t 100% game related. It’s come more and more into the game if people like it or not, so you may as well get good at it.

“Some will do it more than others, some will agree to it more than others. Everyone will do some part of it.

“We are so lucky that we have got our own facility here, that we can transform rooms and there is space around the stadium to do things. Other clubs have to hire places out if they want to do that which may give them an obstacle and excuse not to do it. It is there for us and we can do it 1,2,3,4 times a week if we want.

“It is an odd shape room and there wasn’t a lot you could have done with it but the way in which it has been matted out it means its a great little space. Full marks to the volunteers who have put it together, and fair play to the club too. I’ve come in and asked to spend money straight away on it, and all I can say is fair play to the club.”

Lee is delighted by the work the club’s dedicated volunteers are putting in to getting things ready for the new season.

“They are unbelievable the volunteers, every club needs them especially below Super League level. From what I’ve seen this army of volunteers come three times a week to do actual jobs around the stadium which is fantastic. They are happy to give anything a go and they are doing really good jobs not just odd jobs.

“Whether it’s fixing white boards up where you want them, or putting mats in a room they are doing a really good job of it. They don’t just want to do it because they can say they’ve done it, they do it and do a good job of it.”