Drewsbury Rams prop forward and new signing Tom Garrat reflected on his first game for the Rams against Batley on Boxing Day, and insists he would like to go right to the top of the game.

On the team’s display and his own at Mount Pleasant on Boxing Day in the 16-10 defeat to Batley, Garratt said: “It was a bit of a step up, the game is a lot faster at this level than it is at Siddal in the armature game where I have been playing for the past few years, I thought I took some good carries. The team performance could have been better and there is more to come from us.”

The 24 year old former Siddal player has got high hopes not only for himself but for the Rams too, and says he wants to see a year on year progression.

He commented: “So I think in the first year we are looking to just do as well as we can, new team, new squad, new coaching staff, if we are doing mid-table and above we are looking good aren’t we. Beyond that I don’t see why we can’t get into Super League some day, it is possible.

“For me personally I would like to first of all establish myself as a Championship player and then beyond that I don’t see why I can’t go into Super League as well.”