Dewsbury Rams can announce that we have signed Matt Nicholson for the 2019 season, the front row forward has returned to the Rams after eight years away. The 27 year old is excited to be back at the club.

On signing for Dewsbury he said: “A few things made me want to sign back here, one was the challenge of playing Championship rugby. It was quite well noted that I have had a few injuries in the last few years so I have spent the last two and half years playing in League 1. However I want to be back in the Championship, I want to be an effective member of this squad in this division.

“I have spoken to Lee before during his various coaching roles, he has always come across as a good bloke and good coach. I’ve never heard a person having anything bad to say about him. I have heard he’s into the right aspects of the game in terms of developing players and expecting people not to just rock up thinking they are the finished article.

“That was a big draw, he really sold the club to me with what he wanted to achieve at the Rams, everything he said I liked so it made it an easy decision to come back.”

Nicholson insists it is nice to return to the club and see some familiar faces, he believes he has learnt a lot since last playing for the club in 2011.

He commented: “I have played here before and played the game for over 10 years now at the professional level. I started off at Leeds and rose through the ranks in their academy system.

“I fell short of the Super League mark so I have been in the Championship and League 1 for the last six or seven years, I started my journey off here in 2011.

“I liked it, it was my first touch of the Championship and being at this level, I enjoyed my time here before, I got to mix with a new bunch of lads and had a new coach, it was the first time I had experienced that.

“I left on good terms and it has always been something that I wanted to do, to finish up with another couple of years here. It’s always nice to come back and see the same faces, Viv was there with my contract this time as she was last time back in the day.

“There has been a lot of changes made, I noticed the new pitches when I drove in, last time I was here, there was nothing there.

“It is brilliant to have these facilities, I have played at clubs before where we are relying on outside sources. It is what you need when you want to be a club up there in the Championship and striving forward.

“I have been around a few clubs and everyone is different, I have touched base with a few people and got to know them. You learn something new at every different club, new systems and how things work. You then take all that and learn from it, take it forward to all the clubs you are going on to play for.”

Finally Nicholson is not just looking to come to the club wanting to make up the numbers but he has ambitions to be the first name on the teamsheet.

He said: “My personal goal is to nail a regular spot in the team and play week in, week out. I want to be the first name on that teamsheet. I want to prove that I can not only play at this level but be someone who people talk about week in and week out. I want to help the team achieve where it wants to be in the table.

“In terms of me as a player I’ve probably changed since I was here last, I was only 19-20 years old so I was still learning the game. Since then I have adapted my style a little bit, I’m a lot bigger and heavier than I used to be, I hope that is in a good way. I am able to shift people round a little bit more, I like to think I am a hard worker and selfless person.

“When you’re a player like I am you take delight from doing the little things before the person scores the try.

“If a younger player needs help and I think I can help them then I would jump in to help them. Lee is very good at developing players and I know he’ll be good for me as it’s something I still want to achieve in my career. I don’t want to just stay as I am I want to keep improving.”