Heath Coach Neil Kelly has spoken to the media following the Rams 32-12 win over Barrow last Sunday.

Kelly was pleased with the win but insists there are still things to improve on going into next week’s fixture at Featherstone.

On the Rams win, Kelly said: “It’s a win, the game went a bit scrappy and by the end both sides were just playing touch and pass. When we were playing a bit of rugby, we did enough to win the game.

“I think Barrow are doing it tough themselves at the moment. They have done well to come down here and give it a good go. They came with a game plan, I don’t think it was to play tough and knock us off our game they were just trying to play their normal game.

“I thought sometimes we over complicated things. Once we got that out of our system that’s when we scored the points. Unfortunately we then slipped back into over complicating things again. That way of playing won’t be affective against Featherstone, Rochdale and Leigh in the last three games.

“At times we were superb, we had a try disallowed and in that move we played with some fantastic hands. We are a bit disappointed that one got chalked off but the tries just after half time were very slick. People getting forward and supporting the ball. That was really positive, we were also tough when we needed to be, you need to do that against Barrow.

“We had a bit of a chat at half time and gave ourselves a kick up the backside. To go out from the re-start and catch the ball in the in behind goal area. We then had a couple of sets and scored a try, it was the perfect start to the second half.”

The Rams travel to Featherstone next weekend.