Dewsbury Rams head coach Neil Kelly reflected on Sunday’s defeat to Swinton Lions.

The Rams lost 28-29 on the day and Kelly had mixed feelings about the defeat.

He said: “It is a game that got away from us in the first 20 minutes of the second half. We played without the ball in those 20 minutes and we talked about that at half time.

“Every time we were on the attack and playing in their half we looked dangerous. We proved that in the first part of the first half, and the last period of the game. Every time we went down their end of the pitch we scored.

“However when you can’t deal with kick-offs when you give silly penalties away and when you can’t deal with the ball you can’t expect to win. You can’t do it at Swinton or anywhere else in Rugby league.

“I have mixed feelings about the game as I know the players invested a lot of effort into the game.

“We didn’t particularly look at it, but we did talk about attacking down that left hand side. When we did go down that flank we got a lot of reward from it. So I didn’t see why we stopped going down that side.

“I feel when we are 16-6 up, we started to lose our composure and patience. Really what we needed to do, was what was already working for us. However it seems we want to try and reinvent how we can win a game when we are already in the lead. You only need to reinvent it if they had stopped us but they hadn’t.

“In a way I feel sorry for the players but in another way it’s frustrating that we do these things too ourselves.

“Paul (Sykes) has said in the dressing room about not kicking the goals, but goal kickers don’t lose you games. Even after the last try we got, there was still time to get another or even get a drop goal. However we lacked the composure and patience to do the right thing.

“The big turning point in the game was their sending off, that then seemed to give us belief that we could win it. We have to make our own turning points in games and not leave ourselves in situations where we are looking for turning points.”