On 25th June, Dewsbury Rams were visited by a number of local schools to look around The Tetley’s Stadium.

The visit to the stadium coincided with a scheme the schools have been running whereby the children learn about the structure of a stadium and how one is built.

The children also got to see the many parts in which make up Dewsbury’s home arena, such as The Royal Suite, changing rooms, The Bailey Bar, The Amber Ribbon Bar and other facilities that the club provides.

Three experts from Jacobs Engineering came to the stadium to give their expert opinion and point out some key areas where the children may need to think about when designing their stadiums in class.

As well as meeting Dewsbury Rams mascot Roger the Ram and player Lucas Walshaw, the children received a programme and certificate to take away with them on the day.

Rams media manager Steven Downes said: “It was brilliant to see all the schools come down to the stadium and really enjoy their day. Hopefully the children got a lot out of it and they seemed to enjoy meeting Roger the Ram and player Lucas Walshaw.

“We’d like to say a big thank you to the schools for coming down and we look forward to working with them on future projects. Thanks as well to Roger the Ram and Lucas for being here on the day.

“Hopefully now that the children have seen the stadium some of them will be back on a Sunday to watch the lads run out on the pitch on a match day.”

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