Dewsbury Rams head coach Neil Kelly reflected on the 58-12 defeat to Leigh Centurions last weekend.

He said: “I questioned the players desire to be professional rugby players or to be involved with sport. I thought from our point of view, we made Leigh only score really one good try. I thought the rest were avoidable and they were gifts, and you can’t give a side like Leigh gifts.

“A score of 58-12 doesn’t signify strong defence. I think sometimes we go from one extreme to the other within seconds. We are controlling the play making two or three good tackles and you think we are getting somewhere, and then we let it slip and their player runs the full length of the pitch to score. To go from one extreme to the other so quickly isn’t acceptable.

“Nothing technical was said at half time, we knew it was a warm day, and you have to compete. You have to complete sets and contain them in your own half and make them work hard. We knew all this before the game, then its about showing the desire and wanting to put their body on the line.

“I am aware we have got a battle ahead of us, so we need to not get too negative about things. That negative feeling can lead to more defeats and whilst we have got more winnable games ahead they will be tough. Those teams are keenly aware they need to win those games like we are.

“We need to show the desire to go win those games, and today I just thought we lacked that unfortunately.”