Dewsbury Rams head coach Neil Kelly said his team wasn’t good enough following the defeat to the Rochdale Hornets.

The Rams lost 32-27, as Declan Kay’s try in the dying moments of the match won the game for the visitors.

On the defeat to the Hornets Kelly said: “I think we got what we deserved.

“Credit to Rochdale, but its what we did in the previous 79 minutes which contributed to the defeat. It is what you do in the first 79 minutes that means you’re not hurt in the last minute.

“If you don’t do the right things with the ball, especially on a day like today you’ll be punished. Alan Kilshaw will look at their stats and completion rates, brilliant for Rochdale. Their players have probably done what he’s asked them to do.

“All credit to Rochdale, they capitalised on what we didn’t manage to The things we didn’t do in the first half and continued to do in the second has contributed to the defeat. We did play a little bit better at the start of the second half.

“I don’t control the referee and I couldn’t see from my vantage point whether James Glover’s kick went over or not.

“I’ve got certain things to ask of my players of why we do certain things in training, and then don’t do the same things in a game.

“I am concerned about the nature of our performance. The lack of motivation after no wins and whilst not taking anything away from Rochdale, we knew there was a win available today.

“You look for redemption after half time and I thought we were playing a lot more how we wanted to which is on the front foot. That’s when players like Speakman and Ward can do their stuff. Everyone looks good when they are running on the front foot.

“However when you are making basic errors and are having moments of ill discipline then the players who really suffer from that are the forwards. Especially on a day like today with the hot weather.

“That is why you can see halfbacks looking for runners and they are all stood 10 yards back having a blow for whatever reason.

“So whilst it was good we had that 10 minute spell after half time. It is little comfort to me sat here right now.

“I think some of the players lack a bit of basic motivation which a coach should be able to take for granted when preparing a side. That basic motivation is you are going to need to do what you need to do to win the game.”

The Rams head to Barrow next weekend to face the newly promoted League 1 club.

On the upcoming game Kelly said: “If we played Barrow at Shawcross it’d be a tough game, especially if we play like that. However I think we have come to the stage where we have either got to be honest or they have to go.

“We have had a chat in the dressing room and people can tell you one thing and then do another. I’ve never wanted to be one of those people, but I’m worried now that some of my players are those types of people.

“There were a few players that didn’t play today. However there is no one coming back or in. We have to stop moaning at people at the referee and how unfortunate we are. It is about time we maned up and do what we are supposed to do.”