Head coach Neil Kelly has given his thoughts following Sunday’s loss to Halifax at The Tetley’s Stadium.

The Rams lost 46-18 on the day, and Kelly said of the defeat: “It was an unacceptable afternoon, it was the sort of performance that makes people worry about their jobs. I found our lack of resilience and lack of mental fortitude worrying.

“I can’t take anything away from Halifax, I thought they played a good solid game, they have the players to score the points, but from our point of view I think we were too soft.

“In the preparations we talked about Halifax and said they were a good side, they have plenty of shapes in them. They do the basics right, and they don’t do those shapes too early, and they make them at the right end of the field.

“On the evidence of what we have seen over the last two weeks, I’d say look out Toronto because on the evidence either Halifax are so much better than Toronto or our attitude needs to change.”

“Looking at the last three or four tries, they have all come from when we were on the attack. Where we have made poor kicks or decisions and then they have capitalized on it and gone the length of the field. Like I said they have players who can capitalize on those chances.

“We have been in a tough run of fixtures, and I am not taking anything from this performance or result. However I do think the players deserve a lot of credit, because they have played for 80 minutes through this period. I see Wakefield have been losing by just one score in all of their losing run over the last month. Even when they beat Saints last week they had to play for the full 80, but then they go and lose to Salford heavily.

“I feel that we have become a victim of that, I am not saying we need a week off, I am just looking for reasons on why the result has happened. There is another reason, we all knew what the fixture list was when it first came out. This game had to be called off a few weeks ago. We have to be prepared to play every game no matter when it is, and show a reaction, and getting back to having a positive reaction instead of feeling sorry for ourselves.

“One positive from the game was Dom Speakman who I thought did great when he came on, I thought he played really well even through he was on the losing side.”

Kelly gave an update on the injury front, he commented: “Paul (Sykes) has done some damage to his hamstring in someway shape or form, either it’s a strain or a tear. Hopefully it’s just a strain, but if he has torn it we will have to play without him for the next few weeks, he has been a big player for us and this just adds insult to injury.

“I would expect Lewis Heckford to capitalize on Paul’s injury, because I don’t see him being ready for Saturday, so obviously he is a candidate to come in.”