Despite the club’s recent tough run of results, Rams centre James Glover remains positive ahead of Sunday’s game against Halifax at The Tetley’s Stadium.

Speaking after the defeat to Toronto, the 24-year old said: “It was a tough game, there were a few sore bodies in the changing rooms, and we were disappointed, which says a lot about us and how we played against full time opposition.

“We pride ourselves on making Dewsbury a tough place to come, but conditions weren’t great and Toronto are a free flowing team, and they caught us out just a couple of times in the first half.

“We have played some of their players before, but obviously they have a few star players ,such as Chase Stanley, who has played all of his career in the NRL.

“We were disappointed after the Toronto game and we’ll be looking to fix things going into Halifax. It will be another tough game because Halifax have strung a few good results together lately.

“They have had some good results, like beating Leigh, which was a big win for them and then they have had other victories around that.

“We just need to get back into that arm wrestle like we did against Toronto and see what we can do this week against Halifax.”