While admitting that he is still completing the transition between rugby union and rugby league, Rams winger Tom Halliday believes he’ll be in a much stronger position by the time the 2018 season starts.

Halliday, 21, joined the Rams at the back end of last season from Goole Rugby Union, and says that he still needs to work a few things out in his game.

Halliday said on switching codes: “To move from the standard I was playing at to this was certainly an experience. I am enjoying it, I am still getting used to the rules, and there are a few things I need to figure out, such as positioning.

“It was one of the staff that mentioned my name to Neil, and I had just played down in Twickenham. Neil had seen a few videos of me play, and so he rang me and said I should come and try out for the team.

“He obviously liked what he saw and so I signed on to the club.

“The hardest thing so far for me on the pitch is positioning, in Union it’s very different, being a winger, and I also think I need to bulk up a bit as a player too.

“I have spoke to Dale (Morton) a bit – and he has shouted at me a few times! – telling me where to stand, but yes, we have spoken quite a bit.”

On the team’s aims going into this season, Halliday thinks the Rams could be a surprise package, and he is also relishing the prospect of a trans-atlantic trip to Canada next year.

“I think we can surprise a few teams, there is no reason why we can’t, and with Neil coaching us, I think we can be really well set up for next season.

“It should be a good trip, although to be honest I didn’t even know where Canada was until this season!

“It would be a great experience. The Toulouse trip was good so I expect the Toronto trip to be just as good if not better.”